Do The Work


There is no excuse anymore.


The amount of resources at our disposal is at an all-time high. Literally, at the tip of our fingers we can research, we can teach ourselves, and we can learn about whatever we want. Therefore, to be aware of certain information, certain historical information, and not inform yourself about it, is a problem. To know that this information exists, and to willingly keep yourself misinformed and uneducated, is not only a detriment to yourself, but a detriment to society as a whole.


I will admit, I was misinformed. I will admit, I was uneducated. There were specific parts of our history that I never knew about. At this point, it doesn’t matter if that was the fault of the American educational system or myself for not doing the work. That’s irrelevant.


But, in the last five or six years I started to teach myself about the history of this country. Not just the abridged version or the version that seems pleasant and patriotic. Rather, the version that shows the entire picture with all of the glorious moments, as well as all of the dark and ugly moments. Because each one plays a part in our history and to deny yourself this knowledge makes you part of the problem. And that creates a ripple effect keeping other people close to you possibly misinformed and uneducated.


So, instead do the work. Seek out this information. Take the time to learn the history of this country without leaving a stone unturned. And in doing so, you will have a better understanding why certain people feel the way they do. Why certain people are fighting for equality and justice. Why people want change. And that same ripple effect you can spark by being misinformed and uneducated, can be used to inform and educate the people that are close to you, creating a population of people who truly recognize the history of this country and it’s entirety. Do the work.



Kyle The Grateful



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